Mitul Mistry

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm a web developer with experience in Rails and AngularJS


Technical Skills

Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS

Databases: SQLite

Tools: jQuery, ActiveRecord, Git, Github, Bootstrap, Heroku

Concepts: Object-oriented programming, AJAX, RESTful architecture / APIs

Web Applications


A web application for writers to plan and share their work-in-progress stories

  • Built application with Ruby on Rails using MVC pattern and RESTful routes
  • Implemented Devise gem for user registration and authentication
  • Set up OmniAuth for additional authentication via Facebook
  • Developed SQLite database schema and established ActiveRecord associations
  • Deployed to Heroku with a PostgreSQL database
  • Created front end with Rails templates and partials, then styled with Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, ERB)
  • Wrote test suite with RSpec

Live Site Github


A Rails/AngularJS app for artists to curate and share their sketches

  • Created single-page AngularJS front end and integrated with Rails
  • Developed a Rails JSON API back end using ActiveModel Serializers
  • Used Bower to manage front end dependencies
  • Implemented Paperclip gem and integrated with AngularJS to handle image uploading, along with S3 for production
  • Set up filtering based on associated tags for images

Live Site Github

Steam Navigator

A front end AngularJS web application for viewing the Steam Store

  • Designed and developed a responsive single-page AngularJS front end
  • Developed a Node + Express back end proxy to interact with external API to circumvent cross-origin (CORS) denial
  • Implemented AngularJS Material for layout and styling

Live Site Github

React Google News

A React front end application using the Google News API

  • Designed and developed a responsive single-page React front end
  • Developed a Node + Express back end to interact with external API
  • Used Webpack to build project

Live Site Github


A Rails/jQuery app to make and sort notes

  • Integrated jQuery into Rails templates via the asset pipeline
  • Leveraged jQuery to make AJAX calls to load, create, and modify notes without page reloads
  • Set up a Rails JSON API to communicate with jQuery via AJAX

Live Site Github

Simple Blog

A blog application built with Sinatra

  • Set up custom sessions and authentication using bcrypt
  • Incorporated ActiveRecord and set up database schema with SQLite


Web Design

Frank Frazetta

Front page for fantasy illustration website

Demo Site Github


Front page for art history website

Demo Site Github

Other Applications

Steam Top Sellers CLI Gem

A Ruby command line application to get the current top selling games on Steam

  • Built with object-oriented programming
  • Queried Steam API and parsed JSON response into custom classes